Synchronizing supply chain compliance management through
Blockchain technology

Making it simpler and safer for organizations to tackle their responsibilities along the supply chain



Transparent Compliance Data

Drive more sustainable and responsible supply chains.

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Automation of Supply Chain Workflows

Improve trust and remove ambiguity between trade partners.

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Improvement of Efficiencies

Integrate trusted compliance data into your material flows and eliminate inefficiencies.

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ESTAINIUM Association launched

CircularTree is founding member of the ESTAINIUM Association

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PACT reached the next milestone

PACT has released the first set of technical specifications for the standardized exchange of carbon emissions data

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The Purchaser magazine interview

How can purchasing processes become more sustainable?

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Blockchainwelt Interview

Was ist CarbonBlock? Wozu Blockchain?

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Carbon Transparency Partnership publishes new guidance to enhance consistency of emissions data

How to calculatte and exchange product-level carbon emissions data across value chains

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CircularTree wins the KONGRESS LAB 2021

Congress of Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart

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Reaching Net Zero: Incentives for supply chain decarbonization

WBCSD & PwC - Supplier incentivization levers to become net zero

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Measuring real product carbon footprints along global value chains

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BloG 3

Increasing patient sovereignty of their health data

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Supply chain compliance through Blockchain

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Gunther Walden

CEO & Founder

Gunther held several Senior Management positions at Siemens in Germany and the United States. He has more than 25 years of experience in global supply chains and process automation. He is also a visiting lecturer and serves on start-up Advisory Boards.

Dr. Elias Strehle


Elias has a background in Mathematics and as a Data Scientist / Data Engineer. He has gained extensive Blockchain experience as a researcher and project manager at the Blockchain Research Lab.

Kathrin Adam


Kathrin is responsible for communications, branding strategy and partner relations and currently conducts her PhD. Previously, she gained expertise in the Automation Industry in various countries and worked as Supply Chain Management Consultant for Life Sciences and FMCG businesses.

Jörg Walden

Founder & Advisor

Jörg is highly skilled in business strategy, product strategy, and innovation management. He founded the software company iPoint and has transformed it into a globally acting organization creating value through IT systems for many companies within various industry sectors.

Duhyeong Lee

Software Architect

Duhyeong has worked at Samsung and is an expert in building enterprise software. He specializes in secure engineering and information security.

CircularTree was founded in 2018 and is based in Berlin.
Our goal is to provide solutions for supply chains to become more responsible and sustainable.
With Blockchain technology, supply chain challenges such as lack of trust, transparency, and traceability are minimized and inefficiencies are eliminated.
We work on different projects within various industries and collaborate with global operating entities.

Streaming verified information

For real-time, continuous product & material compliance updates. With the source and the integrity of compliance data verified in real time, automated workflows can trigger immediate events, alerts, and reactions at any point in the supply chain.


Compliance Interoperability

Makes it easier for everyone to manage their responsibilities in the supply chain. CircularTree is building a collaborative blockchain-powered ecosystem for organizations to contribute, share, and leverage compliance information.


Trusted Cross Enterprise Workflows

For securely meeting end-to-end
 regulatory compliance requirements. We are making it possible for all supply chain participants, human or machine, to provide, consume and monitor verified compliance information via a distributed ledger.

  • Fehrbelliner Straße 50, 10119 Berlin, Germany